01 May 2020

Adding the Finishing Touches: Stunning Kitchen Décor Ideas

A designer kitchen with elegant furnishings, a stunning colour scheme and state-of-the-art appliances deserves finishing touches that heighten its splendour. From minimalist décor to avant-garde art pieces, McNally Living brings to you several sophisticated décor ideas that promise to inspire an artistic makeover of your own.

1. Items of a Colour Palette:

Picking items of the same colour palette as the kitchen walls ensures aesthetic harmony. For instance, the picture above combines glassware in a shade of blue that matches the kitchen and is paired with other accessories that are in pure white or silver, guaranteeing a synchronisation of various elements.

2. Crockery with Earthy Hues:

If you wish to add a rustic finish to an industrial kitchen, pick accessories with natural tones and patterns. Shades of beige and brown, alongside crockery and displays with vibrant designs are sure to give your kitchen a unique visual dimension.

3. A Mixture of Multiple Elements:

The best way to adorn a kitchen with neutral hues is to add to a mixture of natural and contemporary embellishments. An indoor plant, alongside sleek wine glasses, teapots and bowls with unique motifs go into forming a picture that is refined and graceful.

4. Elegant Light Fixtures:

Nothing quite adds a sparkle of romance quite like an elegant light fixture above your dinner table. Besides illuminating your space beautifully, it is a versatile facet that blends in effortlessly with any colour scheme or kitchen design.

5. A Stack of Books:

Ideal for a kitchen with an adjoining dining area, this is a subtle means of giving your guests and insight into your lifestyle. Besides being a popular décor choice, a stack of books also ensures that your living space possesses a unique flair.