24 September 2019

Designer Kitchens

People think of their kitchen as the centrepiece of their homes. Whether for meal preparation, socialising, entertaining or relaxing, the kitchen is the nucleus of the house. A designer kitchen can effortlessly handle all of these activities while looking stunning.

Generally, a designer kitchen is determined by the way it appears. Details like quartz and granite countertops, high-end appliances, and custom cabinet finishes are the material characteristics that immediately signify a designer kitchen. A designer kitchen from McNally Living will also function at the highest level for cooking and other household activities.

Designer Kitchens Trends

Organic materials are on point and will have a longevity that never goes out of style. Granite and other natural stone countertops and features are quite distinctive and provide surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain. Cabinet fronts finished with industrial materials like oxidised steel, or hand-troweled concrete are eye-catching and have a tactile quality that adds a substantial feel to your kitchen. At McNally Living, kitchen doors are also available in around 4000 different colour options to precisely match other interior design elements.

McNally Living kitchen designers can assist in creating a kitchen that has that "WOW" factor. Perhaps more importantly, McNally Living kitchens are constructed in a manner that everything always seems to be easy to hand. You can visit our Ballsbridge showroom or arrange a design visit online to learn more.

Designer Kitchen Appliances

High-end appliances have innovations that enhance your food prep and make cooking a delight. Features like Wi-Fi connectivity, adding steam, and cleaning innovations make your kitchen a place that produces excellent meals. Multi-zone wine storage cabinets let you store, protect and showcase your wine collection while maintaining the perfect serving temperature. They add an air of elegance to your kitchen. Some features, like built-in extraction hobs, can even expand design possibilities by freeing design possibilities from previous limitations.

Induction cooktops with built-in extraction allow for greater flexibility of design and ease of use. Conventional designs put the hob on the back wall where it can be plumbed and sitting under an extraction unit. If the hob is located on the island, a large overhead extraction unit becomes the focal point of the kitchen. In the case of a multifunction room, the fan can dominate the pervading feel of the home. With the downdraft induction hobs, the cooktop can be positioned almost anywhere, allowing for the increased flexibility of design. Built-in extraction eliminates the necessity of a noisy overhead unit. Powerful and quiet, they remove steam and cooking smells at a volume that doesn't interfere with normal conversation.

Designer Kitchen Layouts

While traditionally the kitchen is for meal preparation, we use the modern kitchen for so much more. Eating, doing homework, watching TV, socialising and entertaining or spending time with other members of the household are just a few. The ambience of the kitchen can significantly influence the enjoyment of these activities. Designer kitchens utilise products that complement living areas and are less serviceable in appearance. At McNally, we do not need to sacrifice the practicality of the kitchen to create an inviting atmosphere. We have many solutions that are designed to conceal the working nature of the kitchen, but that can be revealed when it is time for food prep.

Designer kitchens Surroundings and Architecture.

Designer kitchens are not self-contained concepts. In addition to household composition and lifestyle, the designer should take into consideration the architectural style of the home as well as the surroundings. These environmental aspects should also inform design choices and finishes. By taking cues from these areas, a kitchen can be designed that accentuates your home and provides all of the features for a high standard of living.

Speak with a McNally kitchen design consultant who can guide you in creating the perfect kitchen for your household. If you are visiting the showroom in Ballsbridge, be sure to book your design appointment through our website.