Dec 12, 2019

Designer kitchens from McNally living

Designer kitchens from McNally living utilise cutting edge innovations in design and technology without following fleeting trends. McNally Living embodies the idea of lifestyle lead kitchen design which is down-to-earth but at the same time pioneering when it comes to sophisticated modern kitchen architecture. Function, elegance and harmony are hallmarks of designer kitchens and are mirrored in every kitchen we design.

The fusion of kitchen and way-of-life form a holistically planned living space. The designer kitchen should reflect the style and personality of its users as well as the surrounding architecture and location. Only by considering and understanding all aspects can we create a designer kitchen that is at home in the centre of modern living.

The designer kitchen is an elegant setting integrated with high-grade natural materials. Surfaces like steel, granite, real-wood, concrete, leather, and marble have a puristic, authentic air. When refined for use in the kitchen, the original quality is embellished with elegance and poise. We create a spatial atmosphere with the harmonious interplay of materials and colour. We present the designer kitchen with grace and finesse that however, projects an intimate homeliness reflecting and supporting the style of its users.

Speak with a McNally kitchen design consultant who can guide you in creating the perfect kitchen for your household. If you are visiting the showroom in Ballsbridge, be sure to book your design appointment through our website.