20 March 2020

Designs To Consider When Remodelling Your Kitchen

Central to socialising, entertainment and relaxing, the kitchen is where many happy moments are shared. It is important that you have a tasteful kitchen design you love and are proud of. So, if you’re remodelling your kitchen, here are a few alluring designs by McNally Living that promise to bring style to your living space. From rustic countertops to sleek shelving, our wide variety of design options are sure to inspire you.

1. Magnificent in Matte

Smooth, lustrous and classic – a black matte theme with a statement island, open shelving and grey cabinets go into creating a contemporary kitchen with an unparalleled flair.

3. An Eclectic Masterpiece

Diverse shades, material and layouts combine to form a vibrant modern kitchen where style meets comfort.

5. Dark and Dynamic

Granite board panels and toasty wooden interiors coupled with walls and units in various shades of grey go into creating a contemporary kitchen with a rustic charm.

2. Light and Luminous

A modern kitchen with light tones countered by beige wooden shelving is a classic design with an undeniable charm.

4. Simple and Elegant

A granite flooring with wooden cabinets and open shelves go into creating a spacious, elegant and comfortable kitchen.