24 September 2020

Dynamism and Definition: Le Corbusier’s Colours in Kitchens

Colours lend character to one’s living space. Whether you are looking to have a welcoming, airy ambience, or an elegant, dynamic feel – the nuances of various colours go into conveying diverse moods and emotions.

To Swiss-French designer Le Corbusier, colours were “eminently architectural”, and just as powerful as the ground plan. Colour, he believed, was a mode of creative expression, harmonising with architectural precision. Leicht kitchens by McNally use up to 15 powerful nuances from Le Corbusier’s colour system, which are often inspired by natural elements and landscapes. Here are a few fine kitchen designs, employing shades from this distinctive palette:

Luscious and Regal

Shades of red, ochre, and brown, reflective of autumn, create an appealing, cosy environment. Besides tying in well with lighter colours, these colours lend a sense of uniqueness to the overall picture.

Lush and Lively

A colour that retains freshness and keeps spring alive all year round, green is inviting, elegant, and restrained. Besides evoking images of verdant scenery, green is intrinsic to maintaining visual harmony.

Calm and Soothing

In creating an open, airy space, blue is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. The clear cerulean shades represent a sense of balance and tranquillity.

Dark and Majestic

Umber, Latin for shadow, is a darker hue. A warm shade used for camouflaging and complementing other details, it adds a rustic feel with its texture.

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