02 December 2020

Elegant and Harmonious: Shades of Grey

An alluring design with a timeless appeal, kitchens with grey undertones are becoming increasingly popular. Be it a contemporary style or industrial chic aesthetic, the elegance and finesse of this feature remain to be seen. Here are a few kitchen designs by Leicht, possessing subtle grey nuances, that are sure to weave a sophisticated flair into your living space:

Deep and Dynamic

This classic shade is vibrant and distinctive, complemented elegantly by textured wooden interiors.

Warm in Olive

An appealing contrast between dark and light fixtures, backed by wooden cladding with an olive grey tinge creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

A Subtle Shimmer

A light sheen adds just the right touch of sparkle to an urbane loft-styled kitchen.

Stunning in Steel

A metallic finish infused with dark wood creates a spectacular interplay between two defining shades.

If you wish to design a kitchen with grey undertones, be sure to book a design consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to help you craft the kitchen of your dreams either online or in-store by appointment.