15 August 2020

Everlasting Elegance: Minimalist Traditional German Kitchens

The use of soft, light shades in traditional kitchens goes into creating a warm and welcoming ambience. Besides being renowned for their spectacular craftsmanship, German designs are also famous for striking a delicate balance between the aesthetic perfection and functionality of kitchens. In this stunning kitchen by Leicht, the colour range Les Couleurs retains a sense of wholesomeness and harmony in uniting disparate elements.

The framed fronts of panels and shelves, swathed unanimously in this subtle shade, is complemented perfectly by a display unit in genuine wood. Countertops with a slight sheen imbue the space with just the right hint of lustre.

The diverse elements, woven together artistically by the statement colour, unite seamlessly to create an appealing, cosy, and complete picture.

A harmonious interplay of surfaces is achieved through the incorporation of glass fronts in tall shelving units, highlighted tastefully by built-in light fixtures. Handleless shelves, along with units possessing singular knobs, add definition and uniformity.

In keeping with the ergonomics of German designs, this kitchen is also fully equipped with smooth, convenient spaces providing ample storage. Pull-out drawers, along with sectionalised compartments in shelving units are neat, organised, and efficient.

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