19 February 2020

Exclusively exquisite: McNally's classic open shelved kitchens at Glensavage.

A range of exquisitely furnished houses tucked away in a lush woodland, Glensavage in Blackrock is an idyllic retreat. A luxurious development of 8 houses and 14 apartments, its stylishly designed kitchens bear testimony to McNally Living’s skill and craftsmanship.

Warm, spacious and chic, these kitchens from Leicht are sure to invite you to dine in style! Their white stone worktops seamlessly combine physical durability with visual splendour. A smooth, concrete finish makes working in the kitchen convenient, while simultaneously adding to its elegance.

Fitted with state-of-the-art Siemens appliances, their aesthetic appeal is wonderfully combined with technological perfection to ensure that your time in the kitchen goes by smoothly. The stunning, hand finished design in this open plan living space is fashionable without undermining the practicability of its functions. The natural wooden finish is welcoming and weaves an element of homeliness into the magnificence of its surroundings.

Open shelving, a feature of the exclusive design, leaves plenty of room for tasteful décor of your choice. Also offering plenty of useful space for storage, it is ideal for both the living room and kitchen. Bathed in the warmth and splendour of emotion lighting, these kitchens are as comfortable as they are spectacular.

With all the above characteristics combined, McNally presents to you a kitchen that is ideally suited to any event. Be it a quiet dinner with family, a lively social gathering with friends or a birthday party for the little ones, this is sure to be the brightest and most beautiful spot.

If you wish to walk into a kitchen that is as welcoming as it is genteel, this is undoubtedly it. Indeed, a design that flawlessly blends endurance, accessibility and grandeur in perfect harmony, Glensavage in Blackrock brings to you the home of your dreams.