10 March 2020

When Less is More: The Minimalist Charm

Elegance doesn’t demand attention but deserves appreciation. While an ostentatious display of décor and a myriad of patterns in your kitchen may elevate the grandeur of your living space, it doesn’t quite retain a timeless charm. At McNally, we believe in chic designs, neutral shades and classic graphics to give your kitchen an everlasting allure. The following storage and kitchen design solutions bear testimony to the fact that grace indeed lies in simplicity.

Shades of Grey:

A tall unit with a solid grey front and wooden shelves ties in wonderfully with a contemporary kitchen following an interplay of dark shades. Light systems attached vertically ensure an overall illumination of the storage space, whilst bathing it in the warmth of a steady glow.

Solid and Spacious:

If you wish to achieve an open, industrial look with a multitude of neutral shades, having solid countertops with a closed shelving system is a wonderful aesthetic to integrate into your design. Besides creating a homely feel, it leaves plenty of room for matching décor.

Stunning Simplicity:

An open shelving system that leaves plenty of room for personalisation, this power-coated steel bracket framework can vary in material and colour. Providing an effective contrast to closed surfaces and areas, this stylish system is ideal to incorporate varied elements into your kitchen.

Matte Magic:

Few solutions are as stunning as the classic matte and timbre combination. Undeniably refined, fashionable and functional, this splendid design gives you a chance to get as creative as you wish.