10 July 2020

Modern German Kitchen Designs

Known for their precision and minimalism, modern German kitchen designs combine excellent ergonomics with classic aesthetics. Designed in response to the way homeowners use the space, modern German kitchens are known for their fine detailing, such as built-in shelving units to maximise storage, along with a range of high-quality finishes. McNally Living presents a few premium kitchen designs by Leicht that bear testimony to German skill and craftsmanship:

Classic-FS-C | Topos

This open floor plan design, merging the living and dining areas, is both optically and functionally cohesive. Handleless panels and shelving units, along with the combination of neutral shades go into creating a design which is as stunning as it is intimate.

Steel | Classic-FS | Topos

Possessing a distinctive, refined air, steel surfaces lend kitchens a chic, industrial vibe. Coalescing with a spectacular spatial atmosphere where there is a seamless interplay of material, light, and transparency, this kitchen epitomises the German design’s artistic flair.

Metea-E | Classic-FS | Synthia

An open, uncluttered space with a loft-like character, this kitchen has a casual, urbane feel. A soft matte shimmer on closed panels adds a subtle touch of sparkle. The powder-coated, steel grey shelf fixed to the wall creates a spontaneous flow between the living and dining areas.

Bondi-E | Xylo

Elegant matte white complemented perfectly by genuine wood this spacious, lively design presents a picture of visual harmony. A statement, bar-styled island and a comfortable, warmly lit built-in alcove clearly demarcate the living and dining spaces. Closed shelving units fit into both the breakfast bar and the walls provide ample room for storage.

If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a magnificent German kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you either in a face-to-face consultation online, or in-store, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams.