25 September 2019

Open Plan Design Techniques

An open room plan that embodies the fusion of kitchen and living to form an integrated space. The handle-less island and dining area in dark wood flow together. The mitred pullouts and panels elegantly merge.

An alternating open and closed shelving unit, in textured oak marsh wood front, breaks up the room. It allows lines of sight and communication while maintaining privacy and seclusion where desired.

The kitchen is from the Contino range in the colour Merimo. This high-grade matt-lacquered surface is available in exclusive Le Corbusier colours, RAL and NCS colour systems. The tall units with a continuous door, extend to the floor, elegantly concealing the plinth at the front. The pocket door system contains a tea and coffee station, as well as cooking and laundry appliances.

On the island, the drawer fronts meet each other with a 45-degree chamfered end edge to form a vertical joint. The dock-on table in matching textured oak marsh provides a dining area. The tables can be made to measure and to cater to any kitchen design.