23 August 2019

Wood finishes for kitchen design

Aesthetics and lifestyle are principal elements in kitchen design. While selecting your kitchen's finishes, it is vital to cater to the homeowners taste while remaining sympathetic to the architecture of the home and the surroundings. Wood finishes are frequently the appropriate option. They add warmth to the kitchen design creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages a reluctance to leave.

Wood finishes are also at home in open-plan spaces where the lines between kitchen, dining, and living are deliberately blurred. The intimate nature of natural wood finishes produces a perception that complements the living furniture, with a less serviceable character.

The highly textured surface of Mountain Robinia, in the Orlando-C range from Leicht, is authentic both to look at and touch, lending the appointments an intrinsic quality. Look closely at the precise alignment of the grain over the entire height of the tall cabinets. The Mountain Robinia is harmoniously combined with the new colour Olive Grey. Together with a gentle green and a warm grey, it results in a shade that generates a pleasant homeliness and perfectly complements the darker wood tones.

The open shelving, with a matching Mountain Robinia finish, doubles as useful storage and display equally at home in the living room and kitchen. Available with size and configuration options this unit is both stylish and practical.

With all these elements combined, a warm place for gathering and socialising is created. The result is a kitchen that is perfect for mealtime or anytime. The kitchen is designed as a comfortable yet practical room ideal for every day, mealtime and entertaining friends.